A Voice Actor, David's New Zealand accent builds interest, commands attention, and exudes authority. "It's like British, but better"
Presenting a product or service requires the ability to put yourself in the mindset of the audience, know what is important to them, and determine how to present the information in a meaningful format.

Years of sales experience has given David the skills to present any product, service, concept or company in a manner that moves people.

An Actor with over 20 years of stage and screen experience, acting has been David's lifelong passion. During those same 20 year he honed his skills as a marketing professional in the corporate world mastering sales presentations, board room demonstrations, and targeted marketing campaigns. As your spokesman David combines these skills and talents to communicate and persuade.

Hailing from New Zealand, David Keller is a versatile actor with a background in stage. After 20 years in the corporate world he is now available for work as on-screen talent or voiceovers. An entertaining character and trusted advisor, David's screen presence is magnetic and his voice authoritative and authentic.

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David is represented by Linda McAlister Talent.

Enquiries can be directed to BookDavid@Kellercommunications.net

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Modelling skills are a close cousin of acting talent and essential for any model. David brings character to the camera to engage the viewer and elevate the product. Click on thumbnail to view.

David Keller​Communicator